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Backend Lead

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We're looking for a Backend Lead to join us on our mission to decarbonise aviation 🛫


You would be building the foundation and architecture of our product’s backend with data coming directly from the aircraft's black box. Our mobile app assists pilots in flying more efficiently, providing fuel efficiency recommendations, showcasing their environmental impact and quantifying their efforts. 




That's where you come in 

  • Be the technical anchor: You'll be the architect and visionary that defines our stack, principles and how we work as an engineering and product organisation. Our stack is predominantly based on Python on Azure (Backend), JS on React Native (Frontend), but we are always open to using different frameworks and/or programming languages.
  • Find opportunities within the data: We receive data directly from the aircraft, with more than 10.000 recorded parameters of high-quality data we are constantly looking for opportunities within.
  • Build what matters: Spend your working hours designing and developing end-to-end solutions that make the experience frictionless for pilots to become more efficient.
  • Shape the team: You'll be setting your dream team in collaboration with the remaining team members.
  • Create an amazing dev experience: Optimise the developer experience for yourself and your team members, allowing us to move the needle efficiently.
  • Establish a technical culture: Establish/promote an honest learning culture, built on trust and a growth mindset.
  • Help others shine: Constructively shape the best technical approaches, improve solutions and own code reviews that help peers and the organisation consistently grow better every day.



  • Salary: 50 - 60.000 DKK/mo. Negotiable depending on experience & salary vs equity.
  • Office: We live in Copenhagen, but believe in full flexibility and a partly remote set-up - However, as a brand new company we want you to help us shape a young, fun, engaging, and inclusive culture.



Who you'll be working with 

We are a diverse team with more than 10.000 commercial flight hours from around the industry, combining a dedicated key knowledge base, working with our clients, partners and each other to drive change in the energy value-chain.

  • Søren Wistisen (Co-founder) Søren is a B737 Captain and competitive glider pilot, in addition, he holds a degree in Corporate Finance from CBS and experience as a capital analyst in the 7th biggest Danish bank. His daily responsibilities are in the area of sales, strategic partnerships and business development.
  • Elena Escrivá de RomanĂ­ (Co-founder) B737 pilot, digital marketer and app developer. Elena is currently overseeing product and tech development, taking ownership of UX, UI, product vision & strategy.
  • Mamatha Mereddy (React Native dev) With a background in CS and an MCA in Computer Applications, Mamatha has an endless thirst for learning. Constantly increasing her skills in UX & full-stack development, she is our React Native developer.



What we care about

  • We are Curious - Eager to learn from everything.
  • We are Hard workers - We don’t leave for tomorrow what we can do today.
  • We are Resilient - We don’t stand back from a challenge.
  • We are a Crew - Collaborative, humble & transparent. We trust each other.
  • We are Fixers - We have a can-do attitude, we find solutions.



To be successful in the role, you are likely:

  • An experienced backender: You probably have 5+ years of experience working as a software engineer at a staff+ level. You might have worked with Python and Azure and you can confidently manage early infrastructure.
  • You are curious & interested in data: You love to understand patterns and find ways for optimisation and new opportunities. You are interested in the data and the context to better understand users’ problems and possible solutions.
  • Passionate about the craft: You take pride in your craft, and you're curious about staying up to date on new technologies and practices. You strive for a balance between tried-and-tested, and new and shiny.
  • Interested in fighting climate change: We are solving a climate problem and solving it is our first priority.
  • Comfortable setting a team: You've been a part of recruiting processes, and can gauge talent easily. You probably have a network of people you'd like to work with in the future.
  • Naturally good at balancing now and future: What matters to you is the real life value our stakeholders get from what you are building. You sense when it's time to pay tech debt and when it can be incurred in the interest of speed.
  • A sharer and teacher: We want you to bring your experience and how you like to work into the mix, so we can create an awesome company together. Similarly, you want to learn from other people's experiences.
  • Okay with ambiguity: Early startup life is never a straight line. You don't mind that ambiguity, and can see when structure is required and when it's in the way.
  • A plus if: You've been part of an early startup journey/setting up tech stacks.
  • A plus if: You have experience with React.

For more information or questions and applications please contact Elena at

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